Best Business Book 2021: Read All About It

In recent years, there has been a tendency to look at books সেই those thick piles of ink-printed paper উপায় as a way to escape from a world that, in Wordsworth’s words, is too much for us. Curl up with a good book by the side of a roaring fire and forget, for a moment, the storm rolling outside. But for those who write books and for large (and still growing) industries that support their production, distribution, and sales, it’s just the opposite. All the forms they take – carefully crafted narratives, finely crafted arguments, long essays and rot, case study-driven guide manuals – books are actually a tool and invitation to the world’s larger engagements. They have evolved into products that can be easily transported, stored and eaten ণে in print, yes, but also on a phone or tablet, or in tiny pixels in sound waves. Books invite us to delve deeper into a subject or story, to engage with information, events and trends that are changing our world. In it, the 21st edition of our best business book, we’ve got the indomitable crew recommendations from our reviewers that can not only arouse your interest and pass the time, but also make you a better leader, co-worker and trendsurfer.


Old man and c-suit
By Daniel Axt

An irresistible force
By Bethany McLean

Absolutely open
By David Lancefield

The epidemic is rewriting geopolitics
By Ryan Event

Taming collaborative idleness
Theodore is busy

Technology and innovation
“Fire!” The right time to scream
By Paul Barbagalo

Consumer behavior

Paying attention to people
By James Suroviki

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