DHS wins unjustified rent for landlords accused of disguising agents

Aryan Taherzadeh is seen in a photo submitted in a DOJ affidavit.

Courtesy: DOJ

Two Washington, D.C. homeowners accused of disguising themselves as Homeland Security agents lived in five apartments and won a জন্য 222,000 rent for more than $ 222,000 in rent to U.S. Secret Service agents, court filing shows.

The default verdict against the “United States Special Police”, a company affiliated with the Aryan Taherzadeh and Haider Ali men, was filed in the Superior Court of Washington in January.

The United States Special Police, which is not a law enforcement agency, leased five apartments on Crossing on First Street in late 2020, according to a lawsuit filed in July by a limited liability corporation owned by Tishman Spear, owned by real estate giant. Building

But the USSP did not pay any rent at that time, the lawsuit said.

And “they created a fake person to sign the lease,” a federal prosecutor told the court Friday, referring to Tazerzadeh and Ali.

A spokesman for Tishman Spear declined to comment on the case.

The rent lawsuit came to light after the men appeared in a detention hearing in U.S. District Court in Washington.

Prosecutors have asked a judge to order that the men be detained without bail.

Ali, 35, and Taherzadeh, 40, were arrested Wednesday at the Crossing of First Street in the Navy Yard area of ​​southeastern Washington.

Federal prosecutors have accused them of disguising themselves as Homeland Security agents for several years, and say the FBI found weapons, ammunition and law-enforcement materials in their apartments, although no one was hired by law enforcement.

A court-martial filed by prosecutors on Friday stated that while they were claiming to be law enforcement agents involved in the undercover operation, “they compromised on the security details of US Secret Service (USSS) personnel and entered the White House complex with gifts.” , Including rent-free living. “

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“Taherzadeh said Ali had received an electronic access code and a list of all the tenants of the apartment complex,” the filing said, which contained hundreds of units. These access codes allow tenants to enter their apartments and facilities and operate elevators in the complex.

As a result of the lawsuit, four Secret Service personnel have been placed on leave.

The Secret Service did not say if any of the agents were involved in the abduction, which was reported by First Lady Jill Biden.

That agent was identified in a criminal case for giving Taherzadeh an AR-15-style assault rifle worth $ 2,000. He lived in an apartment below Taherjadeh in the same building, the complaint said.

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