F1 drivers want more input on where the race was held after the Saudi GP

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, Fernando Alonso of Alpine F1 and Esteban Okon left a meeting after rehearsing before the F1 Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia. Security concerns were raised after a missile strike just 7 miles off the Jeddah circuit.

Clive Mason | Getty Images

Formula One drivers are preparing to ask for more input on where future sports competitions will take place.

Several drivers did not want to continue the Saudi GP race over the weekend after Friday’s missile attack, just seven miles from the Jeddah circuit.

The incident is said to have sparked a desire from drivers to discuss further implications for sports policy.

Sky Sports News reported Monday that drivers are preparing for a meeting with F1 bosses following the weekend events.

Militant attacks on the nearby Aramco oil plant will be on the agenda.

The F1 will also present more details of the security measures that helped secure the Grand Prix, although the future of the event itself is not in doubt, despite the misconceptions of some drivers.

Why do drivers want more input on horse racing?

F1 decides on the calendar and wants to be open and collaborative with their various stakeholders, including the 10 teams.

Many drivers feel they are playing a more important role as the face of the sport and taking the brand’s message to the public.

Drivers have had to answer awkward questions about Saudi Arabia’s recent human rights record and the cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix following their attack on Ukraine.

As for influencing these big issues, Lewis Hamilton said in Jeddah: “We do not decide where we are going. [to race]. I think we have the opportunity to try – it’s our duty to try – and we do what we can while we’re here. “

The F1 has made the greater driver engagement with viewers an integral part of its planning in the post-Barney Ecclestone era.

Through digital and social media, fan interaction has evolved significantly over the past five years.

F1 wants a full assessment of what happened in Jeddah that will be shared with all stakeholders, including the driver.

The meeting is expected to take place on April 10 before the next Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia.

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