JetBlue offers অ 1,000 attendance bonus to flight attendants for spring trips

A JetBlue Airways flight from Elizabeth, New Jersey is seen departing from Newark Liberty Airport on September 30, 2018.

Gary Hershorn | Corbis News | Getty Images

JetBlue Airways is offering a $ 1,000 bonus to flight attendants if they do not call from work between Friday and the end of May as it seeks to ensure adequate workforce as demand for carrier travel increases, according to a company message.

Flight attendants will also receive a 100 bonus for open travel, the message said, which was shared with staff on Friday and was seen by CNBC. Part-time flight attendants will receive $ 500 for meeting attendance goals.

JetBlue’s recent incentives show that passengers are willing to pay extra for crews to avoid potentially costly flight disruptions as travelers return in groups two years after the Kovid epidemic.

Staffing shortages have plagued airlines over the past year, especially at the summit of Covid, such as the widespread Omicron case that sideline crews during the year-end holidays. JetBlue, United, American and others are leaning towards bonuses or even triple pay to reduce staff shortages.

“Spring awards ceremonies come at a time when each flight makes a difference because the hours are tight and the stuffing level isn’t where it needs to be,” said Ed Beckler, head of customer care and programs at JetBlue.

Buckler last month asked flight attendants not to refuse assignments.

JetBlue did not immediately comment, but COO Joanna Geraghati told CNBC on Wednesday that JetBlue would “maintain moderate capacity as needed” as the airline struggled with industry shortages and high fuel prices.

JetBlue launched an amazing, 3.6 billion, all-cash offer to buy discount carrier Spirit Airlines, which called into question Spirit’s $ 2.9 billion deal.

Late Thursday, Spirit said it would enjoy JetBlue’s offer but said its consolidation agreement with Frontier was still in place.

JetBlu executives told investors this week that the deal would allow it to grow faster and compete better against the four largest U.S. carriers: Delta, United, Southwest and American. Frontier says the JetBlue-Spirit tie-up will lead to higher fares for customers.

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