The author’s record-breaking Kickstarter campaign closed at 41.7 million

Portrait of American fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson, taken June 3, 2011.

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Brandon Sanderson demanded $ 1 million from Kickstarter fans for self-publishing four novels he wrote during the epidemic. Thirty days later, his campaign has topped 41.7 million from more than 185,000 supporters and is the most funded kickstarter in the history of the crowdfunding site.

Sanderson’s campaign surpassed the previous record holder in just three days, topping the তৈরি 20.3 million fund raised by smartwatch company Pebble Technology in 2015.

With successful project financing, Kickstarter will charge a fee of 5% or more than $ 2 million from the funds raised.

A well-known figure in the field of sci-fi and fantasy novels, Sanderson has published more than 50 books since 2005. But he is best known for creating the fictional universe of Kasam, where most of his novels are set.

This is the second time Sanderson has returned to Kickstarter to publish his work. In 2020, he raised $ 6.7 million from nearly 30,000 supporters to create the 10th anniversary edition of his novel “The Way of the Kings”.

The campaign serves as a pre-ordering platform, allowing Sanderson to better measure how many people are interested in buying his work so that the right amount can be printed.

Those who support the campaign will have access to these new titles as a digital e-book, audio book or physical copy in January 2023, depending on their level of donations. Those who have spent more than a certain threshold will also receive eight monthly subscription boxes of related items for Sanderson’s work the following year.

“We’re a general bookstore,” he wrote in his promotions. “We could easily sell a book or a piece of swag that is already in stock or will be in stock soon. But the whole ‘Year of Sanderson’ needs to be set up to plan and we are not able to track Dragonsteel Books.”

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