These three LNG dramas are worthy investments, says Jim Kramer

Investors should consider purchasing three liquefied natural gas stocks as CNBC’s Jim Kramer picked up on Tuesday.

“Pure drama about two liquefied natural gas exports – a little desirable – and then a more varied story, really suited for home-gamers worried about instability,” says the “Mad Money” host.

Russia’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine has prompted the United States to raise concerns about limited supplies of goods such as energy and food, as well as to impose economic sanctions on Russia. The United States said in late March that it would work with global partners to supply more than 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas to Europe this year in an effort to reduce its dependence on Russian imports.

Natural gas futures for May rose 6.55% to close at $ 6.10 on Tuesday.

Here is a list of Kramer’s three LNG stocks that he believes investors should pay attention to, starting with his favorite:

Sempra Energy

Sampra Energy Hall “Not a pure game, but there is an excellent LNG export business,” Kramer said.

“I like it long-term, because it’s the single best growth utility with a great liquefied natural gas kicker.… If you are looking for ways to meet Europe’s liquefied natural gas demand, I prefer Sampra Energy,” he said, adding that the business is “consistent”. “And its stock is still cheaper than the company’s earnings.

Kramer discusses two other LNG stocks he thinks could be investable: Chenier Energy and Tellurian.

Chenia Energy

“It’s the safest pure game in the industry. করা Analysts expect Chenier’s sales and revenue to be at its highest this year. It’s already baked and we’re in the stock market all of a sudden, “Kramer said.


“Given that the stock has almost doubled since the end of last year, I think you can be patient here. Just wait for a good entry point,” Kramer said.

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