Tiger Woods appeared at Augusta National in footjoy golf shoes, not Nike

A description of Tiger Woods’ shoes in the United States when he warmed up at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia on April 3, 2022, before his Masters practice.

Gregory Shamus | Getty Images

Tiger Woods did not wear the iconic Nike shake when he set foot on Green Sunday at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Instead, Woods has been spotted wearing a pair of black Footjoy Premier Series-Packard golf shoes.

The scene on the home course of the ground-breaking Masters tournament, which began on Thursday, has sparked widespread speculation in the golf world – and was spotted by Nike’s vague statement.

“Like golf fans around the world, we are delighted to see Tiger back on the course,” Nike said in a statement. “He’s an incredible athlete, and it’s great to see him come back to the game at this level. His story transcends sports and inspires us all. If he continues to come back, we’ll work with him to meet his new needs.”

Footjoy is publicly owned by Acusnet. A representative of Acushnet did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

Footwear flaps do not seem to move investors in any meaningful way. Acushnet shares rose nearly 2% in pre-market trading on Monday, while Nike rose slightly.

Tiger Woods Augusta of the United States warms up in the practice area before the Masters on April 03, 2022 at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.

Gregory Shamus | Getty Images

Some have suggested that Woods may have been switched up due to a horrific car accident last February, which left him severely injured in the leg. This may have left him looking for a more comfortable alternative to his feet.

Woods, who became a professional in 1996, has been associated with Nike throughout his career. He even has his own pair of golf shoes with sneaker giant, Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods. To be sure, he still wore the embellished logo on his coral-colored polo shirt on Sunday.

Woods did not comment specifically on his choice of shoes this weekend, but said on social media that he would make a “game-time decision” whether or not he would compete in the Masters. Should the game, it will mark its first competition since November 2020.

Her last major championship win came in Augusta National in 2019, her fifth Masters title overall.

Correction: This story was updated to reflect the correct spelling of the Augusta National Golf Club.

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